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Re: Chichlid identity....

> I visited some shops recently during my visit to Houston, and in the
> collection of nice dicrossus filamentosa (sp?) I saw nice straw dwarves.
> Apparently, they were of the two species, and of species in question there
> were just one male. So, it was definitely apisto with stripes on its tail
> (vertical ones, like on N. transvestitus, but less of them, 3 I think). It
> had elongated body, very slender with a lot of blue sheen on its face. It
> was pretty small, about 1.5 inches, but looked mature. I wonder who it
> could be... do not remember such stripes on apistos...
I saw an Apisto similar to this that came in with some mixed wild 
Apisto's. The closest I got to an i.d. at the time was in a TFH 
article by Axelrod about collecting the blue-head discus(Cabeca 
Azul?) in the Rio Jau or Unini in Brazil. Amongst the other fish 
collected was a little male listed as A. meinkeni which appeared 
pretty much identical. I don't know how accurate this is of course, 
it must have been over a decade since I saw the article, and the 
i.d.'s were often suspect to start with in these pieces.
Pete Liptrot
Bolton Museum Aquarium
Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BL1 1SE
01204 332200

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