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Re: pics of Malome/Mamore (???) & ID request

In a message dated 4/29/00 1:25:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
andrewfaust@alum.mit.edu writes:

     Finally I've got some (bad) pictures posted of my fish. I bought the
 parents of these from Justin Hau at Ocean Aquarium in SF back in August of
 last year. He told me they were A.sp. "Rio Malombe" which I took to mean
 "Malome" or "Mamoré". Anyway they don't look like any pictures of Mamoré's
 that I've seen. Therefore I'm clueless.
     If I'm remembering correctly, Justin told me the parents are 1
 generation away from wild. (Dave S. might be able to confirm, as they came
 from him.) So that makes these fish 2 generations away from wild. (Is the
 terminology F1, F2, etc.?)
Where are the pictures, if I saw  them I could tell I do Know Justin never 
got molombe, mamore or any other M fish from me.---D

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