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RE: RO against Seradest (+ anybody from Belgium ?)

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> From:	David A. Youngker [SMTP:nestor10@mindspring.com]
> Well, this seems like a good time to test *my* connection...
	seems OK ;)[JMS]  

> > (I use seradest water to dilute my tap water, rams were
> > acclimated with my very hard tapped water (hardness
> > about 20) for one week, then I diluted it to a hardness
> > of 12 and added peat filtration. Then one week after, I
> > diluted again to a hardness of 7. This last move, they
> > dislike and 40% of them died (those are german rams,
> > not the shitty far-east quality)).
> > Anybody got an idea ?...
> Two questions:
> 1. How quickly are these concentration shifts taking place? I realize this
> is most likely _not_ the case, but your posting leaves the impression that
> it's rather quick.
	One afternoon (about 100 liters tanks (1m*0.5, 30cm height), about
35l water changed) [JMS]  

> 2. What's happening in your tank as far as _alkalinity and pH_ ? Again,
> your
> letter implies that your focus seems more on hardness. If you're making
> 40-50% reductions in general hardness you're also affecting the KH,
> obviously, but its effects aren't quite as linear as hardness. Plus, peat
> filtration is considerably more active against KH than GH, so there could
> be
> a lot more going on than simply softening the water...
	pH was about 7.2
	first dilution, about 6.8
	peat filtration gradually down to 6.6
	second dilution to about 6.5
	(this with precise pH paper)
	I think my test is total hardness, I shall also check for carbonated
hardness as I have found a test in the lab ;)

	I started in another tank peat filtration at the same time without
any problem for the cacatouides living therein (but didn't dilute further
than 12 up to now).[JMS]  

> -Y-
> David A. Youngker

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