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Identifying my fish

Purchased four chiclids at a popular pet store chain last year. So far,
they have gone through three breedings recently; none of which
survived.  Noticed new batch of eggs this morning. My 65 gallon tank
also holds about six ruby-finned tetras , four corys, two large
(4inches) plecos, two silver dollars, and a red-finned shark.

I would like to be able to more accurately identify the chiclids and
find more information about caring for them.  Can you assist me in the
following three ways:
            a. direct me to a website where I might find pictures of
various chiclids from which I might identify mine;
            b. direct me to a website where I might learn more about my
chiclids; and
            c. comment about the other fish in my tank, relative to the
existance of my chiclids.

            Thank you.   Bob Sigler, Middletown, NY

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