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Re: Nanochromis (Third Off-Subject Tangential Thread under Same Listing)

From: Sammy
Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000 12:13 AM

> ...This will be the last time I'll post anything off topic. I am
> really sorry to all the members of the apisto list and I
> promise this will not happen again.

What's wrong with you? Does this say "The Judge Judy Show" in the return
addy? (and that "what's wrong" phrase is NOT an invitation to "brief" us on
any of the sordid details!)

Apparently you aren't *that* sorry - else it never would have shown up in
the first place. He gives a valid e-mail address, and THAT's where this
message should've gone.

Should we now announce to any list you're posting to that you're a liar?...


David A. Youngker

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