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Re: Nanochromis

There is validity, from what I know of the real story, to what Sammy has
said and it does involve apistos, not in a way that is usually discussed
here but it really does involve the fish we all keep.  I would suspect that
if you were in Sammy's shoes most of you (and maybe me....despite what I say
later...;-) ) would probably have taken pretty close to the same actions.
On this folks you will have to trust me because the complete story isn't
going to come from me.  If you want to know Sammy's side of the story then
e-mail Sammy as he suggests.......and then e-mail David for his side.

I think it best for all of us to just drop it right now because we really
have the best talk list going and this can only agitate us all and split us
up again and we really don't need that.  Please don't jump me.....I'm really
just trying to keep the peace here!!  I know, in the past I've had my flame
wars with some people but I've grown up a bit and seen the silliness of all
of the flaming  and blaming etc....I've tried to avoid all of that BS and
have almost completely stayed off our list for a year or so to avoid anyone
from bringing up any of the old stuff........let's get back to apistos real


Did anyone besides me get the Apisto. sp"Peru" from Tony and Liz at the
convention?  I got 2 pair that quickly became a trio.........they look like
a "Pandy" with a forked (truncated) tail.  Mine are fattening up and are
nice fish but they are unbelievably shy.......I have a zillion dithers in
there with them but nothing........just super shy........any one else have
any experience with them?  I can't get a picture of them without putting
them in a box and then they go blahhhhh!!!!


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
Lakewood H.S.
St Pete, Fl  33705

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