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Borelii 'yellow point' spawn

Hi guys,

I got 2m+3f group of borelii 'yellow point' couple of weeks ago. ALl of them
are in one tank with one male steindachneri who is rather aggressive and has
a central cave (flower pot) in the tank.
One of the females now is tending eggs in a pot next to steindachneri male.
1) No courting was observed, although I may miss it because borelii are
rather shy now.
2) steindachneri male does not let anyone near his cave, although borelii
female is now in the cave and he doesn't bother her.
3) no males show interest in eggs.

My questions
1. can a female borelii lay eggs without fertilization by a male in the
presence of males in the tank?
2. who should care for eggs - female alone or both parents?
3. Is it safe to keep borelii with steindachneri - or should I separate them
so they will not interbreed?
4. How sensitive are borelii to pH and hardness? I mean, for breeding?



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