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Re: I can't believe what I see.

"Ken Roese Jr." wrote:
> Max,
>         I have also read several articles about the "Alpha" female
> transforming into a male.  I had this happen in my filamentosa (I can never
> find good looking specimens of the maculatus).  As you stated, this could
> have been a sleeper male, but these were older fish.  I had them for over a
> year when this happened.

I have had female D. filamentosus turn male too but if it's a purely
cosmetic change I don't know. My latest group is (or was) 2 male
and 3 female. The largest female has developed male traits but that's 
all I can say. "She" never spawned as a female and the dominant male
is still around so she/he has most likely not spawned as a male either.

I just have to add. For the first time I've managed to breed 
D. filamentosus the natural way. The female cared for the fry for
over 5 weeks before I took them out. She now has another spawn
free swimming since last friday. I think it was my 50+:th attempt
to get them working the natural way.

Fredrik L.

Flutter and Loads Department,  Saab Ab  
voice +46 13 18 54 60, fax +46 13 18 33 63

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