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HI all. Those of you who are also subscribed to the sacsg list may 
have noticed my posting about the Biotoecus I purchased over the 
weekend. I'm afraid I didn't get round to posting anything on this 
list, it's the school holidays here and I'm run off my feet.
Anyway, an update on their progress;
After buying three young wild fish from a local large outlet(very 
emaciated, tatty fins) I was concerned about getting some 
condition back on them. The largest was about 1.25" in length, the 
other two under an inch. They had been in the outlet for a week and 
that is a long time for fish like this to go without decent food.
I thought they would have a better chance with me than in the 
shop, fish like this do not thrive on once-daily flake food.
Anyway, the next day the three I had were dong fine, so I thought it 
would be a good idea to pick up a couple more, so there would be 
some to pass on if anyone in the U.K. couldn't get to the outlet in 
the next few days.
there were only two fish which really looked worth getting when I 
went back, so I purchased these.
Unfortunately, before 24 hours had passed, the largest original 
individual had efficiently destroyed the two newcomers.Basically, 
when I got up the next morning they were stripped and battered, 
one already dead the other very soon followed.
This was in 40 gallons of water with plenty of cover!
The original large fish was swimming round in a head down display 
like Taenicara candidi looking for someone else to kill, but giving 
the other two original fish no more than a quick chase out of the 
centre of it's territory.
So why were the two newcomers wiped out but not these?

I can only guess that this dominant individual accepted the two 
smaller original fish as part of the scenery as they all settled in, but 
saw the newcomers as intruders.
It's now Thursday and all three fish are doing really well, with no 
more aggression than the quick chases I mentioned.
If any U.K. list members fancy some but can't get to the North-
West in the next couple of days I'll try and get what's left (if any) 
and house them separately until you get down (that doesn't mean 
anytime in the next 6 months though!).
They really are beautiful fish. I thought the pics in Mayland and 
Bork had been highly enhanced , but when these fish catch the 
light the colours and iridescence are superb.
Pete Liptrot
Bolton Museum Aquarium
Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BL1 1SE
01204 332200

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