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Re: Borelii 'yellow point' spawn

Mike Wise wrote:
>Yes, but most females will reabsorb the eggs if there is no male of her own
>closely related species to stimulate her spawning urge.

I've seen female apistos pop their eggs out in mid water.  I guess to
prevent from becoming eggbound.  Also some will lay eggs even if there's no
male around to fertilize them.  The Satanoperca female did this on the
week-end.  I think people have reported Angelfish doing this as well.

The only dwarf cichlid I've seen being eggbound was a female Blue ram.  She
was so puffed up that her swim bladder was damaged.  Now it's been at least
8 or 9 months and she lives on the bottom of a tank.  No altitude, but she's
eating, chasing other dwarf cichlids around etc.  And she no longer gets
puffed up from eggs.  Maybe she does have menopause. :)

Gabriella Kadar

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