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Winter on the Amazon

Ken writes:

>  With summer ending and fall knocking on the door, it will not be
>  long before another Ohio winter is upon me.  But, it would be summer in the
>  Southern Hemisphere...what a better place to be.

The Amazon is in the tropic belt.  Winter, such as it is, will merely be the 
response to the Antarctic current flowing up the west coast on the other side 
of the Andes.  It's really always summer (by our terms anyway) in Amazonia.  
They merely have wet and dry seasons resulting from the moisture in the air 
coming over... wait a minute- does the rain come over the mountains, or is it 
flushed in from the Gulf or northward from the southern Atlantic?  Suddenly, 
I don't get it.  If the Cascades can drive most of the moisture from the 
Pacific north or south of Boise, then the Andes are too tall for rain to come 
from the Pacific.

Bob Dixon
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