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Re: native names (was The perfect d.c. book?)

Check the link below.  Scroll down till you see the real time temperature in Manaus, Brasil.  As I type this, it is about midnight in Manaus and it is 82F (28C)...there must be some cloud cover....Yup, I just checked CNN and it is a little cloudy.  Isn't this technology neat?!
It's hot and muggy everyday.  Think Florida in July...now add a couple of degrees.

>          With summer ending and fall knocking on the door, it will not be
>  long before another Ohio winter is upon me.  But, it would be summer in the
>  Southern Hemisphere...what a better place to be.

NOT... if you are in the amazon, it'd be the dry season, meaning it doesn't
rain every day, but still would be hot and humid as hell, right, vin