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Re: Nannacara Anomala

Hello all
Its funny that this thread comes along just as the gorgeous little pair
of N anomala i picked up at the ACA had spawned for me 3 days ago.   My
female, barely and inch SL has taken on that nice little checker board
pattern and has promptly decided that the male wasn't allowed anywhere
near the group of wigglers she has.   So for the safety of the male, i
removed him from the tank.   From previous experience with this species,
i have had way too many times where the female 1/2 to 1/3 the size of
the male, had beaten and killed the male in the tank.   Not this time,
this male has been safely removed.   I have never had a pair that raised
the fry together.  And this is out of experience with at least 10
different pairs.   So My suggestion, which differs from Mikes, is to
remove that Male so long as he's still alive,  Mom will do an excellent
job raising those fry without pappa around.    I presently have around
40+ wiggler/ fry in this clutch.  Not too shabby for a first spawn from
this pair.!!!!   Good luck with your fry and pair.   This is one species
i never get tired of keeping around.


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