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Re: APR by Ocean Star

Well I'm the one who has better luck leaving ram fry with the parents
afer they  have been free swimming for 2 days.  I have had success with
rams by pulling the eggs but  I have also had many losses and I don't
know why.  It has simply been my experience that ram fry do better if
they are left with the parents for a few days before I pull them out.
Whether I pull the eggs or leave the fry with theparents, the young fry
are given micro worms for the first 2 or 3 days that they are free
swimming.  From then on they are given bbs.  Also, I really enjoy
watching the parents take care of their fry. 

I'm not one who believes that my way is the only way.  However, I know
that many experienced fish breeders can have trouble with rams that they
don't have with other Apisto fry.  So if someone wishes to disagree
that's fine, but I will continue share what years of  experience  have
taught me.  Currently I am enjoying watching about 150 young adult rams.

Joe Hildreth
15 Cedar Street
Potsdam,NY 13676

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