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RE: APR by Ocean Star

Well, I try to keep the water in good shape by doing 50% or more water
changes once a week using my tap water which is very soft (less than 1
degree KH andGH).  I always have live plants in with the fish as well.
Then I just let the pair keep laying eggs until they start to begin
caring for the fry.  Sometimes it takes a pair several trys for this to
happen.  If I want to raise a large number of fish, i pull them after 2
days of free swimming.  Then the pair will lay more eggs and I get more
fry.  If I don't want more fish I just leave the fry with their parents
and watch them grow up together until I have to take out some fish
because of overcrowding.  All of this is done in a 10 gallon tank.
Finally, i keep the water at 82-85 degrees and feed the adults my
beefheart mix (I also breed angelfish and discus).

Joe Hildreth
15 Cedar Street
Potsdam,NY 13676

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