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Re: Apisto sp. "Cara Pintada"

I have a fish here which is similar, but I've seen two distinct colour forms. I've been picking away at a TFH article on it for a few weeks now now. I have to make reference to colour patterns other than black, as the forms I've seen share their black markings.
My male (a mixer from an undefined locality) had a blue and red mottled face, a vivid metallic green back, red tips on the dorsal, a yellow caudal with powder blue tips, and black and yellow ventrals. Pretty fish.
I've also seen a fish with an overall beige colouration, but the identical stripes along the flanks.
Is this what others are seeing from adult males, or did I have a different colour variety? I'm going to have to call it something for the article, which is on breeding it. I don't want to confuse the issue.
I have a dozen or so fry doing well.


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