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Re: Apisto sp. "Cara Pintada"


The fish I have pictured came from Julio last October as "cara pintada."  So if you
think what I have is Winkelfleck, then that's probably going to be your assessment of
Julio's stock.

(If you want a few juveniles, let me know and I'll bring some when I see you in a
couple of weeks.)


Mike & Diane Wise wrote:

> Julio,
> <snip>
>  Koslowski's Masken/Masked
> Apisto is a very different fish from the Winkelfleck Apisto. <snip>
> This fish is definitely more closely related to A. regani
> while the Winkelfleck Apisto pictured on Randy's web page is (until Koslowski's
> new book comes out) an eunotus-complex species.
> Mike Wise
> Jota Melgar wrote:
> > The fish I'm calling "Cara Pintada" is the one Koslowski introduces as
> > "Masken" in his 12/99 article in Datz magazine. As Mike mentions, both
> > species were initially exported as "Cara Pintada" in mixed shipments.
> >
> > Julio
> >
> >

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