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Re: tank ideas

In a message dated 10/3/00 11:25:57 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Lilia.Stepanova@stjude.org writes:

> I am getting a 90 g tank soon (my first!), and want to turn it into
>  community south american fish tank.
>   Getting it stocked will take a while, but the general idea is to
>  have cacatoos for the bottom, couple of pairs of angels,
>   Blue rams and neons for the mid-waters. 
>   Ideas/suggestions?

The rams will also occupy the lower range of the tank.  If you are hoping for 
surviving apisto or ram fry, then the neons should probably be replaced with 
something slower.

>   What would you recommend for the top third of the tank? I need
>  something interesting, nice and multiplying if possible.

I like hatchets.  They will stay AT the top, and require food that floats.  
Mine are doing okay on flake.  Wingless fruitflies and soft, acidic water 
will get them to spawn in floating plants.  I've also seen spawning activity 
with earthworm flakes, which is easier to provide.

Bob Dixon
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