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Re: tank ideas

In a message dated 10/3/00 2:56:39 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Lilia.Stepanova@stjude.org writes:

> Aren't tetras speedy enough to avoid angels?

Angels can kind of lurk, and dreate a false sense of security for the small 
neons.  Then they pounce on them
>  Will neons eat apisto's fry? 

You betcha.  That's why they are sort of bullet-shaped.  Pay attention to a 
fish's shape, and you can get an idea of their eating habits.

>What about hatchets or pencils? Are they on
>  different enough levels?

I'm not familiar with pencils, but hatchets will never come near the apisto 
fry because they never leave the top of the tank.  They have become my 
favorite dither fish.

Bob Dixon

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