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RE: tank ideas

I wish I could do a new big tank soon.
How about some Bolivian Rams(not as aggressive towards Apistos than the
Ramirezi),couple pairs Apistos,Pencils,some small Corys like habrosus or
hastatus ,a pair or two Dicrossus maculatus or filamentosus,a few Laetacara
dorsigera or curviceps (they swim around the whole tank)and- no flames
please- some Discus(at 82 Deg.F) instead of Angels?
A nice school of Cardinal and Rummynose Tetras to round up the picture and
tons of plants and driftwood as decoration and breeding cover.
I just described the 75g tank in my dining room.I even bred a lot of apistos
and some Tetras in this setup.
Have fun planning your tank.

> > I am getting a 90 g tank soon (my first!), and want to turn it into
> >  community south american fish tank.
> >   Getting it stocked will take a while, but the general idea is to
> >  have cacatoos for the bottom, couple of pairs of angels,
> >   Blue rams and neons for the mid-waters.
> >   Ideas/suggestions?
> The rams will also occupy the lower range of the tank.  If you
> are hoping for
> surviving apisto or ram fry, then the neons should probably be
> replaced with
> something slower.

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