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Re: tank ideas

In a message dated 04/10/00 15:54:39 GMT Daylight Time, 
m.gallade@jdneuhaus.com writes:

>  no flames please- some Discus(at 82 Deg.F) instead of Angels?

I would always go with Discus rather than Angels in a tank containing Neons 
or other small tetras - some people say Angels don't eat neons, my Angels 
(even quite small ones) have.  My last pair of Angels used to eat Rummynose 

If you have a densley planted tank you will need a plant-friendly algae 
cleanup squad - Ancistrus spp and Otocinclus are good.  A shoal of >10 
Otocinclus would look nice too - I have a shoal of 6 and the shoal really 
closely and are always active.

Whichever tetras you decide to go with pick only two spp. and get large 
shoals >20.  I think Cardinals and Glowlights make a nice combination with 
Dwarf cichlids although if your intention is to save cichlid fry and keep 
them with the parents I think pencilfish are the only safe characin dithers.

Just to add to your list I have Epiplatys annulatus (Rocket Panchax) and 
Trichopsis pygmaeus/vitattus (Pygmy Croaking Gouramis) as Dithers with 
'cacutoides and they are great and don't eat fry!

Alan W

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