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Re: Maple leafs instead of peat

In a message dated 10/10/00 15:27:06 GMT Daylight Time, 
m.gallade@jdneuhaus.com writes:

> The owner told me that he uses crushed Maple leafs ,that he picks up in the
>  fall around his property ,instead of peat to condition his water for his
>  breeding tanks.He claimed that the leafs have more humic acids than peat
>  therefore work better.

I use Oak leaves - the non-waxy species - as water conditioner and as a 
habitat for dwarf cichlids.  I just put 2-3 handfuls of boiled leaves in my 
tank and they sink in a couple of days.  The fish love them (Ap. cacutoides, 
Ap. agazzissi and Dicrossus) and have spawned in curled leaves.  My tanks run 
at around +/- 0.3 pH 5.1

Alan W

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