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Shrimp & Hair algae

Hello, I was reading in the archives and found some posts saying that ghost
shrimp and rainbow shrimp will eat hair algae. My LFS has ghost shrimp and
mole shrimp. The ghost shrimp they have are very tiny (I think my apistos
could eat them, or at least rip them apart). So although they are cheap, I
am afraid that they might not last long enough to eat the algae! (How long
do they live anyway?) The mole shrimp are brown and much larger, so I would
rather get them if they will work. Does any one know if the mole shrimp will
eat the hair algae? What is the cause of the hair algae so I can avoid it in
the future? I have a planted tank. Thanks!

P.S. I just joined this group last week and I have been asking so many
questions! I just want to thank everyone for putting up with all of my
emails and for being so helpful!

Eric Martina
University of Illinois
Electrical Engineering

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