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Re: Plant Filter

I have mainly SA cichlids, many from black waters. The reasons that leave me
to use a plant filter are:

1) it is practically impossible to have alive plants in a tank with those
animals (except the dwarfs);

2) in poorly buffered waters (as must be the case in black water), the gas
changes (O2/CO2) during the night/day cycle promote big changes in pH.
Terrestrial plants make those changes in the air, not affecting the water.

Once the original article is 3 years old, and it was the author's first
trying, I can't stop thinking if it wasn't made some improvement in the

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De: Scott McLaughlin <relli@aye.net>
Para: <zecocarvalho@ig.com.br>
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 16 de outubro de 2000 17:30
Assunto: Re: Plant Filter

> Hello Jose,
> I have had very good results using aquarium plants and a rich substrate
> There is usually algae in these tanks (sometimes a lot), but I haved had
> brichardis, J. floridae, J. dickfeldi, and C. moorii spawn in tanks with
> filtration other than plants. For the substrate I used clay cat litter (I
> think I will skip this part in the future to reduce algae possibly), sand,
> florite (by SeaChem I think), and a small amount of gravel. If you skip
> cat litter then add more florite.
> Scott

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