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Female or Sleeper Male?

Hi All,
These are the first Apistos I've ever kept, so bear with me if I'm asking
dumb questions.
About 6 or 7 months ago, I won some Apisto viejita II ( I know, someone
told me these fish have a different name, but I forgot it), at an aquarium
society raffle.  I was told that I had 4 males, but they were pretty young,
and none of them were particularly colorfull.  About a month after I got
them home, I definitely had a dominant and 2 subdominant males.  I also had
a fish that looks like a female.  This bright yellow fish has staked out a
cave and is guarding it against all other inhabitants of the tank,
including the Cory cats and plecos.  So, what I want to know is whether
this is a female, or a sleeper male.  would a sleeper male mimic the
behavior of a female as well as her coloration?
Thanks all,
PS  I am interested in obtaining some Apisto. nijsseni,panduro, hongsloi
II, macmasteri "red neck" or "red shoulder" and or caucatoides "orange
flash".  Does anyone have some extra they'd be willing to sell/trade?  

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