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Re: Plant Filter

Folks on the Aquatic Plants DIgest email group actually add potassium nitrate 
to their tanks to keep nitrate levels from staying at zero.  There is a 
filtration system advertized in TFH called an algae scrubber that will reduce 
nitrate to zero by promoting the growth of algae.  Some people have mounted 
rain gutters over their tanks and pumped the water from the tank up into the 
gutter and back to the tank.  They have a sort of Hydroponic system going in 
the gutter, and it works quite well.  Some folks have used fontenellis in a 
second aquarium.  Some just grow lots of duckweed or other fast growers.

Any way you do it, the plants consume the ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate and 
when you "trim" the tank, you take the nitrogen out.  I have a 55 gallon 
community tank that grows vallesnaria like weeds.  It never has measureable 
nitrate, and I only do water changes in this tank about every 6-8 weeks.

There's nothing new or novel about the concept.  Some folks just haven't 
heard about it yet.

Bob Dixon

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