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RE: Sterilizing tank

Yep, that is my problem. When I added the acid to the gravel it looked as
though I put vinegar into baking soda! I bought the tank (and gravel) used,
so I don't know what type of gravel it is. It looks like just your normal
natural colored gravel. What type should I get so that I do not have this
problem again?

Another, somewhat unrelated question. What type of store would carry CO2


>Usually, when GH is high, so is KH.  Now, why is it so high?  First, check
>the GH and KH of your tap water after it has sat around in a CLEAN glass
>8-24 hours.  This allows it to stabilize.  If it isn't as high as your
>go to a hardware store and buy a quart of muriatic acid.  This is nasty
>strong, so be careful with it.  When you get home scoop out some gravel
>the bottom of the tank.  Put it in a glass container, like a measuring cup
>a drinking glass.  Then set it in the kitchen sink, let the faucet run, but
>not into the container.  This will protect your plumbing from the muriatic
>acid, and also remove some of the fumes out of the air.  Now, CAREFULLY add
>little acid to the container.  IF it fizzes, there's your problem.  The
>gravel is causing both GH and KH to rise as the limestone, seashells,
>coral or whatever is in it dissolves.  You have to replace it.  If it isn't
>coming from the tap or the gravel, then you have something else in the tank
>that is dissolving.  Figure it out.
>Bob Dixon

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