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cloudy water

four weeks ago i set up a ten gallon tank.  it clouded up, as i had expected 
it to, after a day but has stayed clouded ever since, despite my water 
changes of two gallons per day.  does anyone have any idea what is causing 
my perpetual clouds?  the occupants of the tank are two a. cacatoides (who 
don't seem distressed by the murkiness) and six zebra danios.  there is a 
piece of driftwood, which i know leaks little or no tannins, some java fern, 
three e. tenellus, and a four inch layer of gravel.  Bottom layer of gravel 
is mixed 1/8", 1/2", and 1/4".  Top layer is 1/8" gravel.  pH of water is 
approximately 6.8 and hardness is same as water bay area/san 
francisco/berkeley tap is like.
any help would be appreciated!
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