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Cacatuoides coloration

I have a "triple red" A. cacatuoides which has me guessing whether it is male 
or female.  It has a lot of the typical fin coloration seen in this "color 
select" form, but it also has the dark lines below the lateral line, and the 
black fin markings on the leading edge of the pelvic fin.

I know that as this fish is continuously "select bred", it is reasonable that 
the coloration should intensify, and most of my females show at least a 
little of the red-and-black flame pattern on their dorsal and/or caudal fin.  
Is it possible in a single generation for that coloration to intensify in a 
single female to be almost as strong as the males?

I'm looking for speculation here as much as for experience in this thread.  
Any input is welcome and appreciated.

Bob Dixon

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