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Re: Warm Water Apistos

Hello Steve

I dont know of a table for spawning or rearing temps for apistos, but
i'll tell you what works well for me.   If you keep your apistos in the
78F range, you'll find they all will spawn in this temp.  I do keep my
borellis at 75F only because they are on a bottom row and presently have
a nice sized group of fry with them as i write this.   In the summer
time my apartment hits the mid to upper 80s and all my tanks stay at
around 84 F all summer long ( during a normal Northeast summer lol) and
everything i have spawn like crazy in that temp.   Maybe my paranoid
feeling of frying my fish and doing water changes with cooler water to
bring tank temps down might simulate rainy season, ??? , i dont know,
but it works.   I would avoid low 70s F for tank temps.
Cooler water seems to put my guys in the inactive mode.   Hope this
helps you out some.

John W

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