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Re: Warm Water Apistos

I can give you the water temperature where I collected several Apistos.
A. guttata  28C
A. hoignei 30C, 27C, 29C, 35C  (several different sites)
A. "piacoa" 29C
A. nijsseni - unfortunately did not get temp but water was fairly cool-
guess around 24-25C
A. norberti - again no formal temp but water cool and shaded.
Rams  33C, 30C
Nannacara "venezuela" 35C, 28C,
As with the two above without temps I did not get temps on collecting sites
A. agassizi (cool  and shaded), bitainiata, cacatoides,eunotus, or
Apistogrammoides.  Those were in my early days of collecting and more
interested in getting fish and unfortunately not collecting proper data.

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