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A. borellii descriptions

Hi All, 

I approached the group a couple of weeks ago about some borellis 
I had that I believed to be all males. All my fish have the 
characteristic 'face paintings' and a dark lateral line with a aqua-
blue body. Very stricking and colorful. The LFS contacted me and 
they have ~30 assorted sizes (1/2" to 1"). I'm going this afternoon 
to cull through the lot to find some ladies. I have a couple of 
questions for the list first:

At this young age will I be able to distinquish the two sexes? 

Should I stay away from ones with bright "face paintings" (males 

Should I be looking for a dull-colored specimen with a dark line 
through the eye and rear fins or are they too young?

Thanks for any info. Hopefully, I'm going to finally get this thing 
right! I just hate to buy a half dozen more males ;-)...

Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC

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