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Re: Dwarf Cichlid Book by Baensch

I have just returned from a holiday in Boston.  My copy of BB was waiting
for me where I see the details about ordering the Dwarf Cichlid Atlas.  I
have tried e-mailing David Soares and like yourself the message was
It is very unfair of the ACA not giving the relevant details for their
European members of ACA to order.  By the time I write to David via snail
mail and receive a reply the offer may be out of date.
I'm hoping David is a member of this list and he may be kind enough to
contact myself off list to enable placing an order.
Scotland. UK.

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From: "Mike & Diane Wise" <apistowise@bewellnet.com>
> Dave is taking orders for the English edition right now. It will supposed
> published this month. Price varies from $69.80 to $49.50 depending of your
> membership in a club whatever that means.
> You can contact Dave at (541) 549-9350, but be forewarned. He will talk
your ears
> off if you give him the chance : ). He used to have an e-mail address
> Apistodave@aol.com but the last time I used it, it didn't work.
> Mike Wise

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