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Off my chest!

Hello group,

I sent off for the new Dwarf book from Uwe through David Soares.  Wish me
luck because things have been sucking in my fishroom.  Bear with me, I have
to get it off my chest....

young anomala pairs keep spawing in growout tank, fry don't get eaten and
don't die

rio mamore keep spawning, keep eating fry

male elizabethae no where to be found

c. regani, 3 females to 1 male, not one spawn

can't pay anyone to take the hippolytae fry

can't pay anyone to take the gephyra fry

sunsets keep spawning and eating fry

nijsenni fry out growing growout tank

transvestitus spawn small numbers, keep eating fry

regular panduro keep spawning, keep eating fry 

lyretail panduro still unable to sex, but whichever one it is, constantly
badgers the other 

moema not spawning, even with the $20 contraption, one more female dead

The discus won't die(joke), can't give them away 

None of the corys will spawn, aeneus, habrosus, or barbatus

none of the loricaridae will spawn

Gularis not spawning

glowlights won't spawn, keel over whenever moved to breeding tank (same
water, go figure)

cardinals (2), fin and tail rot

cardinals won't spawn either

spike-tail paradise fish keep finding the smallest hole possible to jump
through, still can't sex them

chocalate guoramis won't spawn

the last 25 pictures I took of the fish are out of focus or they turned just
as I squeezed the shutter

rain barrells have frozen

grindal worms have mites and are dying off

daphnia culture has crashed, again

Somebody please tell me this is a phase!

Thank you,

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