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Re: white worms

In a message dated 10/12/00 06:30:46 GMT Standard Time, stevekim@indy.net 

> I have a horde of fruit flies? taking over my white worms how can I get rid 
> of the flies without killing the worms???

If they are white worms and not grindal worms you can eradicate the flies by 
allowing the culture to dry out a fair bit - the white worms ball together to 
conserve moisture so can take drier conditions than the fly larvae.  At this 
stage if you are in a hurry you can always easily collect them to make your 
new culture.

To avoid getting flies in any of my worm cultures (grindal worm get them 
worse because of the high temperatures) I keep all culture containers wrapped 
in an old pair of tights (thats hose for american readers).

Alan W

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