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Re: inbreeding?

In a message dated 12/17/00 3:29:21 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
emartina@uiuc.edu writes:

> I was wondering if inbreeding is a problem with fish. I know with dogs,
>  cats, livestock, stuff like that people are usually very careful to avoid
>  inbreeding. Especially for show quality animals their lineage is known for
>  several generations back. However I never really hear about that being done
>  with fish. Are fish just less susceptible to problems that arise from
>  inbreeding? Just something I have been thinking about lately.

If your oiginal stock doesn't have any bad genes, at least with dwarf 
cichlids, it doesn't seem to be a problem.  I've kept my cacatuoides going 
for five generations now without outside infusion of new stock.  I've heard 
of reduced reproductive output with cetain killies.

It is notable, however, that wild apistos are reported to breed easier and 
have larger spawns than even F1 offspring.   But the evidence of this is more 
anecdotal than actually studied.

Bob Dixon
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