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Re: tank bred vs. wild (was inbreeding) spawning

Sylvia writes:

> Any ideas on this? Or does this just prove out Bob's theory, and my fish 
>  incapable of normal parental behavior? (not to mention the low number of 
> eggs 
>  produced).

The conditions necessary to get fish to spawn are not as stringent as the 
conditions necessary to get them to brood-care.  Also, the cardinals and 
killies are bullet-shaped for a reason.  The cardinals especially are willing 
to take a hit or two in exchange for a tasty egg snack or free-ranging fry.  
I get proper care from my cacatuoides that have probably been captive-bread 
for at least twelve or more generations, including a couple consecutive 
generations that I hatched out separate from the parents.

Bob Dixon
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