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Re: tank bred vs. wild (was inbreeding) spawning

NaturalDTP@aol.com wrote:

> definately agree, I tend to keep all my apistos at default <30 ppm pH 4.5-5.5
> and have had huge spawns from norberti, nijsseni, hongsloi, cacutoides, Rams
> and dicrossus filiamentosa.  The only two species I've struggled with are
> borelli and hippolytae - can anyone tell me the preffered conditions for
> breeding them?
> Alan W

I found borelllii very prolific in my 140 ppm tapwater. They aren't a blackwater
fish. As for hippolytae, they got going at about 100 ppm, and produced a big
brood, but they were not in a hurry to spawn. It took patience.

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