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Hi gang! I am having terrible hatch rates with Brine Shrimp cysts (Artemia
spp.). I am using a heater keeping the hatchery at about 75 F, I used 50%
seawater and 50% freshwater to achieve a specific gravity of 1.014 (as
recommended by the package instructions). I use airstones for circulation
and aeration. I can only guess that the salinity is inappropriate. I used
to hatch brine shrimp with great success years ago. I seem to remember
using something like a tablespoon (3 teaspoons) of salt per gallon (1.004
specific gravity). What salinity level (ppm)/ specific gravity/ teaspoons
or tablespoons of salt per gallon has been successful for you fellow

Kind regards,

Jonathan Fung... Reef Geek
Dalhousie University Honours Marine Biology
Aqua Creations Inc. Assistant Manager
writer for Marine Fish Monthly 

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