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Re: Bay area shops

if you make it into the East Bay, I highly recommend Albany Aquarium.
 It's on San Pablo Ave. in Albany (email me off list if you need
directions).  They don't usually have too many dwarf cichlids, but
their stock is excellent, their staff is highly knowledgeable, and
they carry a wide range of hard to find species that are often wild
caught.  A good variety of plants as well.

Sarah LeGates

--- Matthew Diller <mdiller@mail.lawnet.fordham.edu> wrote:
> I am traveling to San Fransisco early in the New Year.  From this
> list, I know that Ocean Aquarium is really good.  Are there other
> shops in SF that are worth a detour to look for apistos?
>   I wish all on this list a goof new year.
> Matt Diller

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