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Re: tank bred vs. wild (was inbreeding) spawning

Thanks John, for your tips. I have to say, though, that I was not 
intentionally using the chocolates as dithers. They were compatible tankmates 
at one time. I got the apistos as juveniles, and since tank condition 
requirements were similar, as well as temperament, they wound up housed in 
the same tank. It was quite unintentional that they still wound up in the 
same house while the apistos got to breeding age. I'll make sacrifices for 
the fish, but _not_ chocolate gouramis, (which I felt really bad about), who 
are probably one of the most peaceful fish that I've seen swimming in any of 
my tanks. Unfortunately, I can't get a hold of them anymore either, and now 
have 1, who's not very happy being without any others of his kind.

Looks like moving the breeding pair to a tank of their own is in order.



> Oh my god, you used Chocolate Gouramis as dither fish??   I can't get
>  any of them buggers up here and you're killing yours off to get your
>  apistos to spawn!!   Just goes to show what we'll do for our fish.

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