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ApistoGram. Does it still exist??

Hi List,

In the past year I caught Apisto fever after about 20 years with other S.A.
Cichlids.  Last summer Julio Melger shipped me a trio of A. trifaciata (blue)
that were wild caught.  Unfortunately shortly after I received these fish the
male and one of the females died.  The remaining female appeared healthy and
happy.  In September I got a mature male from David Soares.  Well the two fish
hit if off right from the start.  I am now in possession of about 30 healthy 1
cm fry from the F0 wild female.  I hope to get a healthy male in the next few
months and bread him back to ma to increase the wild genes in my population. 
This leads to my first question.

At what age are Apistos, specifically A. trifaciata sexually mature?

My second question is in regards to a publication I have seen referred to in
some of the literature I have.  It is a reference to a journal called
ApistoGram.  Does this journal still exist?  If so where can I get more
information on subscriptions and back issues.

Thanks everyone, all comments welcome

E-Mail: John N. Alegre <listhub@libros.andante.mn.org>
Date: 01-Jan-01
Time: 15:15:13

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