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Re: Laterite Question


>The laterite I used came fro ma german company -- terra 
>something maybe?  Its the people who make those terrapur 

AquaTerra or Terralit maybe? If so, I have some info on those also.

> Thanks for your help.  Although my knowledge of chemistry is so
> limited that I don't know what it is to titrate something.  
>I did put a spoonful of my laterite into a dish of vinegar.  I did not 
>see a significant  reaction, it is possible that there might have 
>been some tiny bubbles, but they may have been just air 

Probably was air bubbles. A carbonate/bicarbonate rxn will be 
noticed, with lots of bubbles and foam.

If the laterite is a big concern, gradually cover it with small 
gravel/sand. Start on one side and over a weeks period work 
yourself to the other. Once it's covered and contained, the leaching 
properties are greatly decreased.

Jamie    <"\\\><

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