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Re: West african dwarfs.

...............David owes us all 1 coffee at the ACA this year for having a bad morning...........I think I owe you all several coffee's myself!  Diet coke for some of you guys!....or some ugly looking stuff Big John was drinking in Cleveland maybe........was that stuff legal?????????????????????????

>>> David A. Youngker<nestor10@mindspring.com> 01/04/01 11:40AM >>>
From: Mike & Diane Wise
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2001 10:31 AM

> David Y., I apologize for jumping on you before I had read
> your latest post...

No need to - I'm still the one in the hole, here.

> See, you're not the only one who shoots from the hip...

One of those mornings, eh? In your defense, though, you had a much stronger
reason than I to react in such a manner.

> Hopefully I've learned something here, too.

I'm figuring that _I_ quickly need to develop some stress- coping skills
before my off- line life bleeds too much into my on-line persona.

Again, folks, my apologies. That was in the extreme, even for me.

And to YE - you really ought to try Bob's URL I gave you in the trashed



David A. Youngker

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