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FW: Ap sp. Glaser


I attach the ID rundown I posted last night.  Not sure why it didn't make it
to the list! Computers will function in the way that embarrasses you most
(Moore's Law)

My second message regarding lateral band might make more sense after reading

Rich Moore

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From: Rich Moore <richard.moore2@btinternet.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 01:51:50 +0000
To: <apisto@listbox.com>
Subject: Ap sp. Glaser


I attach a more detailed ID rundown for the pair of Glasers (I have used
your ID worksheet as archived at thekrib).

Some other specific traits I have noted include strong pink hairlines at the
junction of all fins to the body, and a pinkish patina to the tail.  At a
general level, use the Meinkeni picture pp90 of Linke & Staeck¹s American
Cichlids I Dwarf Cichlids, substitute a truncate tail, a non-trailing dorsal
and remove the lateral band.  Add a faint suborbital stripe, faint V shaped
lateral bands, 3 hairline irridescent blue spotted lines above where a
lateral line might appear, and the overall black speckling (almost Koi-like

Again, your help and time are greatly appreciated...

Warm regards


*    What was it called when you got it? Ap sp. Graser
*    Was it wild caught or domestic? Unknown
*    What other fish (if any) - not just the cichlids - came in the shipment
with it? ³Larini² (?), ³Galaxa² (?), Moae


*    How large is it? (Use inches or metric, it doesn't matter to me.) 4cm
*    Does it appear to be an adult or a juvenile? Adult

Body shape: 
* It is elongate and slightly compressed like A. cacatuoides

Male's dorsal fin size and shape:

*    Name a species with a similar fin shape. Gibbiceps/Hypolatae
*    Is it high or low? Lowish
*    Does it have any extended spines? No
*    Is the back tip extended (at least as far back as mid-caudal)? No
*    Is the top edge even (like A. agassizii)? No
*    Is the top edge serrated (saw edged) (like A. macmasteri) ? Yes
*    Is the top edge fused together, sail-like, (like A. pertensis)? or No
*    Does the top have extended front spiny lappets (like A. cacatuoides)?

Lateral spot: 

*    Does either sex, especially the female, show a dark lateral spot or
patch on its side? Yes
* If so, is it very large or nearly the same width as the lateral band?
Lateral band very hard to distinguish

Lateral band: (usually better seen on females):

*    What other species has a similar band? Norberti/Nijseni
*    Is it broad (like A. agassizii)? No
*    Is it narrow (like A. steindachneri)? No
*    Is it broken into spots or a continuous band? No
*    If continuous, is it straight & even (like A. agassizii)? No
*    Is it zipper like (like A. sp. Rotpunkt/Red-spot)? or No
*    Is it zigzag shape (like A. borellii & A. macmasteri)? No

Caudal (peduncle) spot:

*    Is there a spot/patch at the base of the tail? Yes
*    If so, describe its size and shape. Thin, tall
*    Does the lateral band merge with it or stop before it gets to it? stops

Tail (male's): 

*    What other species has a similarly shaped tail? Geisleri
*    What shape is it? round, squared off in the back, spade shaped or
lyretailed? Truncate
*    Are there any extended tips on the top and bottom in the male? No
*    Are there any any spots or pattern in the tail fin? A pinkish patina,
some blue irridescent spotting, random black flecking

Finally, list the dwarf cichlid books you have so that I can refer you to
certain pictures. 

Dwarf Cichlids ­ Linke/Staeck

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