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Re: Bare bottom tanks?

Hello Eric

I am one of those ppl that primarily use bare bottom tanks for both
rearing and breeding tanks.    I find the ease of cleaning them far out
way the estetic looks of a tank with gravel.  

I have not found many species that prefer tanks with gravel and that
wouldnt spawn if they didnt have gravel in the tank.   Most of the
species that i do use gravel in the tank for breeding purposes are west
africans.    My Trannies really prefer gravel to bare bottom, my Pel.
Taeniatus species seemed to prefer gravel also so did my Anamalochromis
Thomasi.    Other then that i use bare bottom approach to all my south
American species of dwarf cichlids.

I dont think gravel vs non gravel in tanks, makes much difference in
breeding tanks, i just go bare bottom for MY convience.   If you enjoy
using gravel in your tanks, go for it.   There is no correct or
uncorrect way of setting up a tank for breeding purposes.   Biggest keys
are water conditions and proper # of spawning sites, oh and good diet of
live foods to condition fish.

Either way you go, good luck.


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