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Re: RO Water Additives?

From: Scheele Juergen
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 11:18 PM

> If your GH/KH is 0 and your PH is way in the yellow,
> meaning below 5
> you can adjust the GH by adding Epson Salt and
> Calcium Chloride (Kent Marin-Concentrated
> liquid Calcium) to the desired level !
> You then go ahead and adjust the KH
> with Potassium Bicarbonate without effecting the GH
> Make sure the KH is  70% to 80% of the GH
> Definitely avoid GH = KH
> or                        KH bigger then GH
> or you just go to your LFS and buy Seachems "Equilibrium"

This is actually some pretty good advice, right down to the mention of
Equilibrium. Calcium chloride is a lot less expensive in powdered form than
any liquid, even concentrate, could ever hope, though.

There are times when it's not advisable to use the normally- sound practice
of partial mixing with tap or "saline" bypass - particularly if there's a
specific component of the tap that you'd like to remove completely.
Reconstitution allows you to control the parameters a lot more tightly if
you choose it (or find it necessary). This is _our_ version of "artificial"

And I like the suggestion of potassium bicarbonate over the oft- mentioned
baking soda. Potassium normally works much better than sodium, especially if
you're partial to planted tanks. And some plants find conditions a touch
"harsh" already with the rather "sterile", almost hot water a lot of us
maintain for Apistos and Dwarfs.

Nor do I usually recommend specific brand- name products, but Equilibrium
may prove an exception. I first became interested in it because of _its_
potassium content, so I've tried it in some of my planted tanks with growing
respect. Playing around with it in low TDS situations, I'm also finding
satisfaction with its particular ionic balance.

Greg and the folks at SeaChem have actually done a good job of producing one
of the best salt mixes on the market. Now if only someone, somewhere, would
get the brilliant idea that such mixes shouldn't have to cost so much,
they'd have no trouble trading margin for volume. Retailers, that is - I
can't comment on its actual wholesale cost or involved markups...


David A. Youngker

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