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Re: RO Water Additives?

In a message dated 30/01/01 21:47:48 GMT Standard Time, emartina@uiuc.edu 

>  I don't have an electron tester so I only know that my RO
>  water less than or equal to 1 dGH. Is this too soft?

My tapwater is softer than that and I use it unmodified for all my fish 
including corys, danios and tetras - the pH is a bit variable 5.0-5.8 
swinging daily but blackwater Apistos thrive in it.

I've found it a bit too acid for Borelli and the sex ratio of Cacutoides is 
skewed to 100% females (although I don't know if thats pH or temperature 

just to add to the discussion anyway...  Alan W

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