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Sexing young A. borelli (Newbie question)

I hope someone can help me determine the sex of the young A. borelli I purchased about a week and a half ago.
Both fish are about an inch long and looking very healthy.  One of them is much darker than the other one, but otherwise they are identical.  They both have the iridescent blue markings on their heads and dark gray suborbital stripes, lateral bands, vertical bars and caudal spots.  The body color of the darker one is light greenish tan with bright iridescent blue specs (its head looks almost purplish on occasion).  The light colored one is light bluish gray with much lighter head markings and body speckles.  The darker one is more dominant and sometimes chases the lighter one away from his small territory. 
They live in a 75 gallon tank.  I would like to add more Apisto in the tank.  I can get more borelli from LFS to have a small harem, but LFS or I can not tell their sex.
LFS has also macmasteri on hand and on a rare occasion some cacatuoides. (Then again I have the same sexing problem.)  Can I have two different species share the tank?
Tomoko Schum
Madison, Alabama