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Planning ahead for shipping weather :-)

I have a 30 gallon set up waiting for the shipping season to begin!  I currently have 8 young Procatopus aberrans DKG/red swimming happily in the current from a power head on the UGF lift tube.  Two of them are just starting to "blue" out as they say.

I was hoping to find a source of A. nijsseni or A. Panduro.  I'd like to hear from anyone keeping these strains that may have fish available this spring.

Also, I notice some folks will mix different Apisto species in the same tank.  I've never done that as I usually only kept one species at a time.  Are there any rules or guidelines to doing this?  I would assume that you'd want fish from different complexes to avoid potential cross breeding, or is that not a problem.  What, if any, species would be suitable tank mates for either A. nijsseni or A. Panduro.

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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